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The contents of the events can be varied—depending on the needs and the target group.
All events are compatible for a digital format.


  • as a holistic overview within the framework of the “Abrahamic knowledge of the One God” that unites Christians, Jews and Muslims
  • in the context of contemporary visibility of Jewish life and Jewish narratives
  • with a deepening of individual aspects such as the “Messianic Thought” or religious individualisation and fundamentalization processes in Judaism (can also fall under the topic area “Israel”)
  • with a focus on “Antisemitism”


Focus on prevention
Various event formats with differentiated knowledge transfer, sensitisation and practice-oriented empowerment.

Focus on dealing | coping
Concrete mediation of strategies for coping with antisemitic incidents and concrete systemic reappraisal, see also coaching.


  • as a differentiated insight into history, economic and socio-cultural development and the multi-ethnic present
  • with a focus on the German-Israeli relationship and its changes
  • with a focus on the Middle East conflict
  • with a focus on educational work critical of Antisemitism

Intercultural Competences

  • as a means of imparting competence for internationally | interculturally active companies and institutions
  • as preparation for a stay abroad

»Enjoying diversity, accepting ambiguity, coping with complexity«.
The focus is on raising awareness of the importance of culture in general and of our own cultural imprint in the context of our everyday experiences and actions. All values, norms, moral concepts, religious orientations etc. are an expression of our cultural imprint. Cultures are not ‘homogeneous containers’ and multiculturalism has long been a reality, even within one and the same national culture. By recognising and accepting these differences, differences can ultimately be transformed into synergies and perceived as valuable enrichment.

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